Friday, December 30, 2011

Took the wrong exit, time to double back

So when we started this blog I was so pumped up. I had a plan, was going to revamp my life things were going to happen. Now several months later not so much. I have made some changes that have been positive. For the most part my downstairs living area and both bathrooms are usually in pretty good shape but that is all I keep up with household wise. Well laundry too of course. Financially, I am slightly better but haven't made the changes I need to make.
Changing your habits and lifestyle is hard, and since I haven't set out and did what I wanted to do I think I need to come up with a new plan/system/routine or something. I am going to give myself until the third to write a list of what I think my biggest problems are, what they are stopping me from doing and what I can do to change things or stay motivated depending on the situation.
I have found in the past few months something that motivates me to keep the house clean, company! Every Sunday we have lunch and invite anywhere from 2 to 20 people. I will put in the extra effort during the week to keep the house up and then I know Sunday morning I have to straighten everything up. I then enjoy a nice lunch with my company and clean up as I go. So Sunday afternoon or night when everyone is gone the house is still in good shape and I can relax. It really works for me, and I get to spend time with people I enjoy instead of the old we should get together (but never do.)

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