Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spreading a little Blogger love

A friend of mine recently started her own blog called Fabulously Frugal and I love it!  So I wanted to give her a quick shout out (Heyyyyyyyy Aris!) and leave a link to her site here.  She blogs about being fabulous on a budget.  Lots of tips on hair, makeup, shoes and anything else, well...fabulous.  Oh and recipes!  YUM!

One of her first posts was about how her son loses or breaks his glasses all the time. She gave us the scoop on this great site called Zenni Optical. I placed my first order with them last week.  I bought two pairs of prescription glasses for my daughter for a total of $24.99 - that included shipping!  I will give my full review once we receive the order.

She is always gorgeous and she is a great cook, so check it out and you too can be FABULOUSLY FRUGAL!

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