Monday, September 12, 2011

One of those hoping something will magically appear in my fridge or cabinets days.

I wondered into the kitchen and check the cabinets and fridge so many times today! And ate things that did not satisfy my cravings! I hate days like this. I need to get a system for menu planning, and they need to be meals I can get excited about! So the overeating junk was the bad for today, the good was the cleaning and organizing I did. Still got so long to go but it's a start.
I spent the majority of the day trying to put my closets back together and finding things to toss. I decided to make my room closet just for work uniforms, and a different closet for all other clothes. So I pulled them apart this weekend and managed to put them back together. I also tossed some clothes. I probably could have been a little more ruthless with the tossing items but at least it's a start.
I worked on my goal of getting 900 things to throw away this month. I managed to bag up or toss 90! things today. My dumbest things lying around were VHS tapes. We do have a VCR, but some of these movies hadn't even been opened and had been sitting for years.
I got rid of a bunch of books. I love books, they are my weakness, and I probably have more than 2000 in my house. Realistically I will never read all of them. So I am trying to weed out the ones I really want and dump the rest.
My most embarrassing toss was a ratty old bra. It was nasty and one of the hooks was broken. I know most of us have these in our drawers. Time to chuck them, even if they are comfortable. Same goes for your blooms (underwear). Tomorrow I will go through the lingerie draw and toss all undergarments that are unflattering, uncomfortable, don't fit, ripped, or just old. You know you feel better when you have nice undergarments on, so join me in cleaning out the lingerie draw(s).

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  1. Good job, Girl!! Try planning your meals the night before.