Saturday, September 3, 2011

Food is my Drug, Gluttony my Sin.

So I love food. I enjoy the taste, smell, texture, sometimes the visual. Food comforts me, keeps me busy, helps me when I'm stressed, keeps me awake when I'm tired. Food keeps me company when I watch TV, food is praised when I share it, food is always welcome. Food inspires gatherings, food is necessary. You have to have it. Can't survive without it.
I am a sporadic Weight Watchers member. I think they have a great program, and I believe if you follow it you will lose weight. Once I lost 25 pounds with them. I heard something great in one of the meetings. Our leader told us she knew someone who went to Alcoholics Anonymous, they were told there you need to slay the dragon to beat alcoholism. However with a food addiction you have to learn how to pet the dragon. Which really resonated with me. Other addictions drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex you can live without them. Food you have to have. So I think food is the most dangerous drug of all. Can it kill you? Yes. Is it illegal? No. Will it make you prostitute yourself to get it? No. Only because it's so easy and cheap to obtain! I can get my drug anywhere! My house is full of it. When I visit someone or go to a party my drug is offered to me. Sometimes pushed on me. (Not that I complain.) Fellow addicts are everywhere and always encourage you to take the drug with them. My drug is sold in vending machines, and at just about any event you attend. My drug is portable and you can do it anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Yet we ourselves, and society is the hardest on food addicts. Just some food for thought....

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