Friday, September 2, 2011


Just checking in. I set my alarm for a 1/2 hour earlier than usual. I did hit snooze a couple of times, but I eventually rolled out of bed and put on some sweats and sneaks and headed upstairs and did 20 minutes on the Total Gym. I'll be totally honest and admit it was not a "go all out", give it your all workout. I did do each exercise until it was difficult to do so. While I was working out I was also taking mental inventory of everything that needs to be done in that room. Donations, Trash, clothes that need to be laundered and put away. I cannot tell you the last time that room was dusted, swept and mopped. And it was all very evident as I did my downward shoulder presses.

I weighed myself and then drank some coconut water after my workout to hydrate my muscles and replace electrolytes. I moisturized my skin after my shower and flossed my teeth! This was the great start for me! I did drop my insulated travel tumbler on the ground while trying to juggle all my crap and get into the car for work. It broke and I spilled the last of my coconut water. I was upset...but I DID NOT freak out and yell F*CK at the top of my lungs...which I am prone to do. I did let out a loud Marge Simpson like grumble. But this is a magnificent improvement for me. Let's see, what else...I downed a quart of water during the work day - with no added sugar or crystal lite or anything! I hate water, so CUDOS is in order! I painted my toenails and plucked my eyebrows during my break.

The job treated us to pizza for lunch today, and I did have three slices...BAD :( They let us out at 1pm today and the hubby and I went on a date to the movies! I bought a large lemonade, since the trough of lemonade was only .50 cents more than the small. I mean, it made sense economically. I did not get any popcorn or candy or other goodies, and again, I will be totally honest...everything was just too damn expensive. If it was a lot cheaper, I can't promise I wouldn't have had any self control.

I am about to take a long bath while enjoying a gin and tonic, I will pumice my tired feet, moisturize with my new lavender body oil with coconut oil and I will moisturize my hair with Vitamin E oil. I will remove my make up, brush my teeth and floss. I plan to have a healthy breakfast and get my workout on again tomorrow morning.

Overall, I was pretty good today...or better than usual. I plan to improve more and more with each passing day.

The days of Mommy neglecting herself are over. Watch out now!

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