Sunday, September 11, 2011

The "season change" cold

So the summer is pretty much over around here in Massachusetts.  Fine with me.  I am not a fan of the humidity.  I love the smell in the air when Autumn is around the corner.  It's my favorite season.  But it never fails with the change of season, there comes along a cold for me and my family.  I had a sore throat mid week last week and thought it was coming but it went away.  Then around 6pm last night I started sneezing over and over and knew this was it.  Sore throat is back, congestion and a weak achy body.  Yay :(

The hubby woke me up (just for a second) this morning to ask if we had any DayQuil.  I told him where he could find it and I went back to sleep.  Later on, when my son got up, he came out of the bedroom coughing and sneezing.  UGH!  Overnight, the whole family has the common cold.

I ran out to the store quickly this afternoon and bought some chicken wings so I could make up a big pot of chicken soup.  I am not blogging too much today since I feel like crap, but thought I would share my Chicken Soup Recipe.

More blogging when my head is clear...literally.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sometimes I get the seasons change cold, mostly I catch it in those old Fall/Spring weeks when one day it's 85 then it drops to 50 the next day. I always get nailed then.