Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Junk food and Enablers in the workplace

Today I get to work and have all of my healthy snacks, healthy lunch and a healthy attitude (regarding my diet and exercise anyway).  My morning ran very smoothly by following my "back to work" plan.  My boss beat me in this morning.  I say good morning and turn to head for my office.  As I pass the reception area outside of his office I see some sort of scrump-tastic pastry ring or something. glistening with sugary white icing just calling me.  "Ma-leeeeeeeeee-ka, I am delicious - eat me"  I silently yelled at the devil pastry, "DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL, YOU FATTY CALORIE LADEN BIYOTCH!!!"  

My boss is the biggest enabler EVER!  He is always bringing in something yummy and horrible for your health.  His wife is a great cook and often makes baked goods and makes him bring them into work...because she doesn't want them in their house.  Um, thanks?  I suppose if I had some sort of self control I would think that their kindness was just that.  But to me it is straight sabotage.  Not only does my boss bring the stuff in, but he will actually cut a big hunk of the goody and bring it to your desk!  WTF!?  "I thought maybe you were too busy to get yourself a piece, so I brought you some"  Or "I thought you needed an M&M break" and he places a bowl of M&M's on my desk.  GET. OUT.  I love my boss, he is great, but this one thing really does irk me.  When I tell you that I am trying my hardest to eat right why would you come in and damn near force my weaknesses upon me?

So after lunch, I was on the phone with a customer and he comes in with three of my co-workers and drops this Italian Rum cake on my desk with a bunch of paper plates, forks and a knife.  Are you KIDDING!?  It was for another co-worker's birthday.  I am all for celebrating her birthday, but tell me why this delicious looking and smelling cake is being plopped on MY desk.  I did not have any of the cake and I suppose I may appear to have been a party pooper.  I don't care.  I  need to do the right thing and maintain control.  While we were all gathered in my office, I asked him why he brought that Streusel or whatever it was in (I don't know what it actually was because I refused to get close enough to it to find out).  He said he just grabbed it when he was at the store today getting the birthday cake.  WHY?!!  Me and another co-worker told him he was an enabler.  He laughed and said what do you mean!?  I said if we were crackheads would you bring us in crack to smoke everyday?  He just laughed.  So everyone ate cake except me and another woman who are trying to stick to our diets.  Then my boss decided he didn't like the cake and tossed his piece in my trash barrel.  After about an hour of smelling this cake in my trash, I had to swap barrels with the other desk in my office for fear that it would call me again and convince me to go to the fridge and cut myself a piece.

Again, my weakness for the sugary goodness is MY problem.  I'm not saying he should never bring anything junky to work ever again.  Everyone at work should not be "punished".  But the frequency of the treats needs to be seriously decreased.  And he definitely should not be playing dope pusher and coming around, office to office and trying to make us eat the junk.

I have gained most of my weight while working here over the past decade.  There are other factors that have contributed to my weight gain, which I will get into at another time.  Of course this is all a personal problem and I have no one to blame for this but myself, but he sure does not make it easy to get or stay on track.  I have lost 2 pounds over the past week and am determined to stay focused on my goals and not give in to any of his pastry peddling from this day forward.

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