Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Natural Hair Care

I have gotten some requests from some friends for my hair care regiment and products that I currently use.

This following is a list of what I am using at this point in time and getting good results.

I just purchased some Argan Oil which I have read great things about, but have only used once so far so I don't know if I love it yet.  I'll update this as I change or add products.

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

I wash my hair once a week.  I wash just once and then rinse out completely.  I like this shampoo because it is sulfate free, all natural and makes my scalp tingly.  I love the clean fresh scent.

TRESemme Moisture Rich Vitamin E Luxurious Moisture Rich Conditioner

I co-wash my hair with this after shampooing and on the days when I need to wet my hair in between shampoo washings.  This conditioner has great slip so I brush or comb through while it sits on my hair.  Then I rinse out completely.

Denman Brush

This brush, in my opinion, is an absolute must for curly hair.  It just glides through my hair.  When I do hit snarls, it is very easy to remove them, painlessly, with this brush.

Wide Tooth Comb

Another must for curly girls!  I love this type because I can hang it right in the shower.

Blow Dryer with Diffuser

A blow dryer with a diffuser is a must if you do not want to air dry and want to dry your hair quickly.  Curly girls MUST use a diffuser when blow drying.  I love the diffuser because it gives my hair nice volume without being bushy or frizzy.  If you are going to air dry instead, NEVER EVER use a towel on your curls.  That is a frizzy accident just waiting to happen.  Use an old tee shirt or paper towels and scrunch the excess moisture from your hair.  I actually do this even when I am blow drying,  It cuts down on my drying time.

Leave-in Conditioner
Kinky-Kurly Knot Today 
Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-in

While my hair is soaking wet, I apply one of these leave in conditioners and brush through with the Denman.  The Kinky Curly is much lighter than the Shea Moisture one.  If I had frizz or fly aways the day before I use the Shea Moisture one for more weight to avoid frizz.

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie 
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Milk

After applying leave-in, I section my hair into 4 sections and apply a small amount of one of the above moisturizers (about a nickel sized amount to each section of hair).  Again, I choose which product to use based on how my hair was behaving the day before.  The Palmers is much lighter than the Shea Moisture, so on a typical day I use the Palmers.  If I need more weight to control frizz I go for the Shea Moisture.  They both smell delicious and make your hair really soft!  

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

I love love love this hair gel.  It provides needed hold, but does not make hair stiff or flaky - Even when I use a lot to slick my hair back into a pony.  When wearing my hair out and curly, I use a small amount and apply it to my still sectioned hair right after the moisturizer.  My hair is still soaking wet at this point.  I then use my Denman brush again and shingle my hair.  Here is a video on "shingling" in case you don't know what it is.  My hair is too thick to shingle with a fine tooth comb and I like the results I get using the Denman brush instead.  I also do not use anywhere as much product as she does in that video.  I do not sit under a hair dryer either.  I just don't have the time or the patience.  I use a blow dryer with diffuser instead.

Night Time Routine

I apply coconut oil to my hair each night before bed.  Not alot, really paying more attention to my ends.  Then I cover my hair either with a silk or satin scarf or with a Hair Hood by Sue Maesta.  I can't find a pic of anyone wearing it, so I will have to take a pic of myself wearing it and post it, so you can see what I am talking about.  There are nights when I am just so tired and can't wait to go to bed that I either forget or am too lazy to apply the coconut oil.  I do wrap my hair almost every night though.  Satin Pillowcases are a good idea too, I personally don't care for them because they make me sweat.  But I know people who love them.  The point of all of this is to protect your hair from breakage while sleeping.  Your hair will glide right over satin unlike cotton.  And wrapping in a scarf or wearing a hair hood shields it from coming in contact with the pillow all together.

Weekly Hot Oil Treatment

In a squeeze bottle combine (use a condiment bottle, they are cheap and work perfect):
1 part Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
2 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
1 part Jojoba Oil
2 drops Rosemary EO
2 drops Orange EO

Warm oil and apply liberally to hair.  Cover with shower cap and let sit for at least an hour; all day and/or overnight if possible.  Wash hair with mild (preferably sulfate free) shampoo then condition as usual.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Eradicates hair breakage, split ends, thinning, excessive hair fall and dandruff. It adds shine and softness to hair follicles and prevents hair breakage and dryness. Coconut oil adds strength and vitality to hair and is also known to have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant.  Both are good for moisturizing, protecting and nourishing hair. Makes hair grow stronger and it's emollient properties help with hair loss.  It battles dandruff and kills lice.

Jojoba Oil - Deeply penetrates the scalp and hair shaft.  Dissolves sticky product build-up on the scalp.  Using as part of your regular hair regime will ensure healthy and clean hair with a natural shine.

Rosemary Essential Oil Has a pronounced positive effect on the health of the hair and scalp. It increases the circulation to the scalp and is therefore also effective for promoting hair growth.  Also helps migraines, so it is great mixed into a scalp massage oil.

Sweet Orange Essential OilSweet orange oil is beneficial for refreshing hair and removing buildup. The citrus properties in this oil make it a good choice for oily scalp and skin.  It is also known to enhance the mood and create feelings of happiness.

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